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We've been designing and building maps and data visualizations in San Francisco's Mission District for happy clients since 2001. Stamen is a 100% independently owned and operated company.

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An online collaborative work environment for a leading car manufacturer

When budgets are being set for car development programs, BMW’s Design Department is called upon to justify certain decisions to people from Marketing, Engineering, Finance, etc. Because good design cannnot be totally quantified, important aspects of design intent can be troublesome to communicate.

Each discussion in the environment includes a production timeline.

“While initially in search of ‘a technical partner,’ Designworks was pleased to find true collaborators in Stamen Design. While bringing technical excellence and design insight to the table, Stamen delighted us with keen suggestions and an eye towards the future of the project. We whole-heartedly recommend them and their processes.”
—Laura Robin, Creative Director, Advanced Communications, Designworks USA

Working with Designworks USA’s Advanced Communications Group, Stamen built a flexible, stable networked application allowing BMW’s Design Department to easily and effectively communicate reasons and rationales for design decisions within the multiple contexts of the car production process. An evolving, multi-faceted spec was implemented with a combination of commercial and open-source software.

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Pages in the environment can contain a variety of attached images and assets.

All assets and content can be universally shared among users of the tool.