Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco.

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We've been designing and building maps and data visualizations in San Francisco's Mission District for happy clients since 2001. Stamen is a 100% independently owned and operated company.

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Root Markets

Recording and visualizing your own attention

Looking at your browsing activity can lead to surprising discoveries.

“Stamen drank the data from Root's API and out came beautiful petals of meaning. They are great alchemists of the web 2.0 world. What a pleasure it has been to simply say, "please help us turn our base data into magical visualizations" and then watch them do their thing. We are all excited about continuing our collaboration and pushing each other to keep inventing new rules of experience.”
—Seth Goldstein, CEO, Root Markets

Root Markets allows their customers to store and see their browsing history as it happens, providing a secure location in a Root Vault where a record of your attention can be stored. Through sophisticated analysis of both clickstreams and other personal data, Root Vaults is giving users new insights into their own online behavior, allowing them to understand where, when, and how they spend their attention and see how these patterns change over time. This increased insight and enhanced data storage enables both improved time management and, through Root Markets, more efficient commercial transactions.

Stamen works with Root on visualizations that allow comprehensive investigation of your own browsing history, giving answers to questions like: how long am I spending online? how much am I spending on work versus play? how much money are advertising making off my attention?

Patterns emerge in detailed views of your own attention.