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We've been designing and building maps and data visualizations in San Francisco's Mission District for happy clients since 2001. Stamen is a 100% independently owned and operated company.

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New Work: SFMOMA ArtScope

Stamen's new work with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is live. Faced with the challenge of providing a way to navigate through upwards of 3,500 works in the museum's collection, we thought: why not show them all at once? and designed a structure allowing for visual navigation and exploration of these artworks.

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The project was built using our Modest Maps library, an open-source toolkit allowing designers & developers to quickly build and design zoom-and-pan maps. In this case, instead of navigating in and out of and around a geographic map, you move through a landscape made of artworks, organized by when they were purchased by the Museum.

The interface is searchable as well, and each portion is linkable - so sending someone directly to Gordon Matta-Clark's Splitting or Olafur Eliasson's Multiple Grotto is as easy as pie.

From the project description:

The SFMOMA ArtScope is designed for wandering, for the chance discovery of artworks you might not have encountered before. This visual browsing tool features more than 3,500 objects from our collection, arranged in a continuous, map-like grid. Zoom in on an eye-catching image, search by keyword or artist, or just have a look around. In any case, we suspect you’ll see our collection in a different light.

The SFMOMA team have been a joy to work with on this one - thanks in particular to Chad Coever, Andrew Delaney, and Peter Samis for trusting us to take a flier with their collection & shepherding this whole thing along.