Stamen is a design and technology studio in San Francisco.

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We've been designing and building maps and data visualizations in San Francisco's Mission District for happy clients since 2001. Stamen is a 100% independently owned and operated company.

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Yahoo! Nikon Stunning Gallery

"Working with the Stamen guys was like having our own site design SWAT team. They came into a tough, time-critical situation with feet on the ground and were able to parse through the desires of multiple stakeholders and iterative feedback to help us build an incredibly beautiful site. They surpassed all expectations in terms of professionalism, technical skill, and lovely, functional design chops. We look forward to working with them again soon!"

—Kakul Srivastava, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo!

Flickr has become more than a place to share photos with your friends—people are starting to think of their photos as something they can share with the whole world.

Yahoo! asked Stamen to build a a destination where this kind of activity could bubble up into the world at large, around the theme of "stunning" and connected to Nikon's release of their new Coolpix s6 camera. Flickr photos tagged with "nikonstunninggallery" and approved by Yahoo! editors flow into a dynamic interface which allows for zooming & navigation through a rich field of stunning images.